Our first Sustainability Report

Better Health Starts Here: Our 2024 Dis-Chem Sustainability Report is all about our social and environmental commitments, and the stories of people whose lives have been touched by Dis-Chem.

How we impact the world

Dis-Chem impacts the world and our stakeholders in many ways. We identified the most material impacts to better understand our ESG risks and opportunities. These impacts have been guiding us to focus on the right issues in our decision-making.

ESG strategy

Our ESG strategy is all about people, the planet, our customers, communities and supply chain. We focus our efforts in the areas where the business can make a positive impact. In this way, we contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

The CEO message

“Sustainability is at the core of every business decision we make. In the past few years, Dis-Chem has evolved from an entrepreneurial and bottom-line driven business to one where we now deliberately consider ESG impacts.”

– Rui Morais, CEO

ESG governance

Being a good corporate citizen is central to Dis-Chem’s values. It ensures that we deliver on our Better Health Starts Here commitment in everything we do and with every product we sell. Our governance system provides the appropriate oversight for our ESG risks and opportunities.

Our stakeholders tell their stories

We launched “Better Health Starts Here” as a promise we make to ourselves, to each other and to every customer who walks through our doors. Better health outcomes are important for all our stakeholders. Find out why…

Sustainability archive

We do business in an industry where non-compliance with a multitude of existing or upcoming laws and regulations can have a material adverse effect on Dis‑Chem’s sustainability. We aim to be transparent in our reporting, thereby building trust with our stakeholders.